Halloween Week Day 4: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” live show

This year will be my fourth time going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show live show, and I honestly cannot wait! It’ll be my first time going on Halloween night, which is apparently the funnest one. If you’ve never been to one if those nights, I really encourage you to go. It is a great occasion to be who and what you want to be, without being judged by anyone. You can meet a lot of great people, and have an amazing night.


The event takes place in a theatre, where the movie is projected, but there is also a cast of people who acts it out in front of you. There is also a narrator, known as “the voice”, who comments and makes jokes about the movie. The crowd also interacts with the movie, shouting at characters at times, and throwing stuff at each other when necessary. You can also bring a water gun, that way you can spray water on people when it rains in the movie. You can go dressed as your favourite character, or whatever costume you feel like, or you can also come wearing your everyday clothes. I once saw a guy wearing a very elaborate Frankenstein’s monster costume; he asked me to marry him, I said yes, I’ve never seen him again. There was another guy once, with a gorilla mask on and wearing nothing but a speedo. And the amount of people wearing their cutest lingerie is amazing. You can honestly wear whatever you want and you’ll be just fine. People don’t care there, everybody seems so free, it’s brilliant. And don’t forget to stand up and dance when the Time Warp comes on!


The experience remains strange and surreal, whether you’ve seen the movie/been to the live show before or not. There is always something new, every time you go; it is always a different show. Don’t be afraid to let yourself go on that night, as long as you remain friendly with everyone there, you’ll have a lot of fun. After all, a mental mind-fuck can be nice…!