4 movies I love that people don’t

So I have a tendency to enjoy movies that are not well-liked (at least not by the people I know). Some of them seem to be loved by many others, either people I kinda knew from school or based from articles I read on the internet. Others just have bad ratings (and I can see why) but I still really enjoy them.

Enemy (2013)


So I absolutely loved this movie and I thought it was brilliant (I actually wrote a little thing about it: A somewhat unorganized analysis of “Enemy”), but most people I know hated this movie with a passion. My theory is that they either did not understand the movie, or did not pay enough attention to it. They might also just don’t like it though. I won’t write too much about it, as I just mentioned, I already wrote a whole text about it, but yeah, this movie is amazing and just so well-thought! I love that before watching the movie, you think the story will go a certain way, but as soon as the movie starts, you understand that it is going to go in a totally different direction.

Tu dors Nicole (2014)


So a little more than a year ago, I participated to the Prix collégial du cinéma québécois (PCCQ), where around forty students from forty different schools have a debate and vote between 5 movies to choose the best movie from Québec. It was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. Tu dors Nicole won, and I was really happy about it because I had a proof that I was not the only person who really enjoyed this movie. But besides these other cinema students and cinema lovers, I don’t know anyone who loves this movie or even bothered to see it. Most people I know who saw it found it wayyyyyy too long and boring. But I thought it was fantastic. It perfectly showed how people my age feel in this exact period of their lives. The black and white works so well, the movie is so beautiful and meaningful, I could watch it again and again without ever getting tired of it.

The Voices (2014)


So this movie got mainly bad to okay reviews, and I don’t feel as if people enjoyed it as much as I did. I thought it was quite funny; I loved the dark sense of humour. I reckon that it can be “too weird” for many people, but I think that is what makes it so fun. The main character, Jerry (Ryan Reynolds), is both lovable and scary and that feeling stays with you throughout the movie. I loved the differences between the world he sees when he is on his meds and the world he sees when he is not taking them. The movie leaves you with mixed feelings; should have I enjoyed the movie or not? I’ll admit, it is a quite disturbing movie and I think it might have been too much for some.

Buried (2010)


Yes, another movie staring Ryan Reynolds. Yes, another movie that is quite disturbing. Just like The Voices, people became quite uneasy watching this movie, as I did. But I love when I get as involved in a movie as I did with Buried. I love how simple, yet frustrating and scary the movie is. I was truly panicked and devastated while watching it and I think it is what makes this movie so good to me. I’ll always remember the first time I saw it; when it ended, I was in such a shock I could barely move. I don’t watch this movie often because I want to “forget” about it so that when I watch it again, even though I know what happens, I’ll get the same feeling I got the first time I saw it.


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