Act Breaks / Plot Points – Something happens that takes the story in a different direction, usually 1 or 2 by movie

Backstory – Everything that happened to the character(s) before the movie

Character Arc / Story Arc – How the character changes form the beginning to the end of the movie

Climax – Highest point of tension, usually happens in the end

Content – Subject of the movie

Crisis – High tension point/problem

Dramatic Structure – “Spine” of the story, foundation, everything is related to it

Establishing Scene or Shot – Establishes the setting and the tone of the movie

Exposition – Learning about the story without dialogue

Foreshadowing / Set-up and Pay Off / Dramatic Irony – Setting up something for the viewers, gives you subtle clues about the climax, cause and effect

Form – How the subject is expressed

Intercut / Parallel – Intercutting 2 actions happening at the same time, but in different locations, creates tension

Parenthetical – Direction of the actors in the script, mostly informs about the tone of the line

Plot Twist – Something surprising happens in the story

Running Gag – A joke that runs through the whole film, usually resolved at the end

Scene – A continuous dramatic event that all happens at the same place and time

Sequence – A number of scenes all put together and have the same idea/subject/event

Setting – Time and place

Slug Line / Scene Heading – INT. CLASSROOM – AFTERNOON, in a script, informs you about the setting

Storyline – Main story/plot

Subplot – Storyline that hooks into the main storyline, has a beginning, a middle and an end

Subtext – When something is not explicitly said


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